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The Importance of skin hydration

Hydrated skin is happy skin. It just looks and feels good. When it comes to a healthy, glowing complexion, the importance of skin hydration is almost unmatched in skincare. But while it might seem like keeping your skin hydrated should be easy enough, it can be harder than it sounds.

Dehydrated skin needs water, but it might take more than a layer of your favorite moisturizer to bring it back to life. The good news? It’s still possible — with the right habits, products and a little love and care.

Why Does Hydration Matter?

Your skin thrives when it’s properly hydrated. Hydration affects the texture and appearance of your skin, helping it become softer and smoother. In other words, hydrated skin looks younger. Unlike moisturizing, which helps to retain skin’s moisture, hydration adds water to the skin. Dehydrated skin can be dry, but it can also be oily. Dry skin is characterized by lower sebum production, but dehydrated skin simply lacks water. When your skin is dehydrated, it might look duller, feel tighter or be more prone to inflammation, congestion and breakouts.

How to Hydrate Your Face

Understanding the importance of skin hydration isn’t the same as having hydrated skin, unfortunately — but it’s the first step toward happier skin.If your complexion is begging for a drink, focus on creating a consistent routine packed with hydrating skincare products, treatments and, yes, more water. Skip drying ingredients like alcohol or peppermint in favor hydrating alternatives.

For skin that’s hydrated and set to stay that way, aim to:

1. Use water-based products: The key to hydration is water, so opt for water-based products wherever you can. Try a hydrating water gel moisturizer after cleansing and exfoliating to help restore hydration to your skin.

2. Add serums to your routine: Give your skin a daily chance to soak up a power-packed serum. Try using a hydrating serum right before moisturizing your skin in the morning, and add a night serum to your evening routine.

3. Apply a night cream: Skin naturally rejuvenates while you sleep, making it a great time to focus on restoring and treating your skin. Give your complexion an extra nighttime boost with a night cream or a heavier moisturizer than you would wear during the day.

Hydration’s Secret Ingredient

There’s no shortage of hydrating products sitting on store shelves waiting to help revitalize your skin. If the choice is overwhelming and you want simplicity in your routine, be on the lookout for one key ingredient — hyaluronic acid. This naturally occurring substance is found throughout your body, but it’s especially concentrated in your skin.

How does hyaluronic acid hydrate skin?

Well, its main job is to bind to water and hold it within the skin’s surface.Pollution and other environmental stressors or triggers that you encounter every day can take a toll on skin health, leaving it feeling dry and looking dull. By incorporating a product that includes hyaluronic acid into your routine, you can help keep your skin hydrated so it looks and feels fresh.

So give your skin a refreshing drink of water — it’s earned it, and so have you.


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