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1. For those who prefer 1 on 1 consultation, the charges are KSH.1,500 as a one-time fee, and all existing clients get unlimited free follow-up consultations.

2. For Virtual consultation. It’s KSH. 1,500 non-redeemable. It entails a 15-minute call (it could be longer) with a skin expert & formulator of Dream Vibe Skincare products (Marinus Shiluli) that is very in-depth & thorough.

3. Online consultation via WhatsApp chat, Instagram DM, Texts, and Phone calls are free to all.

4. There’s also the option of taking the Skin Quiz on our website. It’s free and it’ll only take 2 minutes or less. Visit our website: dreamvibeskincare.co.ke and on the menu select the ‘Skin Quiz’ option.

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